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Sanity series

In these unprecedented times, we would like to move away from the daily doom and gloom, and introduce the Sanity Series. A series of posts to give a ray of positivity and insight into how the team are remaining sane during lockdown.


First up Steve; K4’s Creative Director.

I've always been a huge film fan, in particular I grew up surrounded by books on Ray Harryhausen, practical effects, special effects and props – it fascinated me. The craft of film making and the realisation of a script conveyed through the hands of the talented prop masters. Ray Harryhausen had a huge impact on my love for cinema. His films such as the 7th Voyage of Sinbad, had me in awe; early stop motion animation that brought the impossible to life. Roll forwards a few decades and we have Star Wars (yes it's true I have a full size stormtrooper at home), Alien, Blade Runner, all technological master pieces, pioneering new ways and level of detail that draw you in. Creature effects with ‘The Thing’ and American Werewolf in London all amplified the stories they are trying to tell. It’s the attention to detail that makes it so believable. 

And that brings me onto one of my favourite You Tube channels that is keeping me sane during the home schooling of two kids and work. ‘Adam Savage’s – Tested’

Adam Savage is best known for being one of the ex-lead presenters of the cult programme ‘Myth Busters’ – however not many people are aware he used to work for ILM, (Industrial Light and Magic) the leading name in film effects. His You Tube channel captures his fascination for building and crafting prop projects to the smallest detail, he could talk for hours on just the pros and cons of imperial vs metric screws!! It really draws you in.

It's this passion and attention to detail that I love, watching someone craft something out of nothing is truly fascinating and one that I try to apply to the work we do at K4. 

So get your geek on and take Adams lead, it will keep you sane! Quick link: