Introducing Eva

Meet the team

Introducing another new member of the team, say hello to Eva who joins us as our new Account Executive. 

1. What aspects of your job do you love?
I’m really enjoying learning how to be a badass account handler from Emma. The client interaction and involvement in the creative design projects are things I’m very excited to get stuck into. I’m also loving being around artistic and passionate designers, it’s an interesting change for me.

2. What have you discovered about Holland Park?
Cars get towed away loads. Pints are eye-wateringly expensive. Certainly a pretty place though!

3. What hobbies do you have?
Singing! I adore singing and have been singing all my life, although begun real training when I was 15. I’ve been in my school choirs, London Youth Choir and the Women’s University Choir at the University of Birmingham. I also enjoy trying out new sport, gym-ing, reading and creative writing… (not for public consumption)

4. If you were a dog, what breed would you be & why?
Now I don’t necessarily agree with this, but apparently, I’m a Poodle and it isn’t my fault I’m ‘gorgeous, smart and well-disciplined’… why thank you random online quiz.

5. What’s the one thing in life you would really like to do?
Travel more! I find it amazing to imagine all the little nooks and crannies of the world I haven’t experienced, not to mention the countless landmarks.

6. What’s your favourite shop and why?
I get kicks from charity shopping, exploring vintage stores and markets… finding rare pieces you won’t see on others walking around. I also secretly enjoy going with like-minded friends and fighting over clothes… the thrill of that coin toss. My favourite high-street shop will have to be Urban Outfitters.

7. Which period would you liked to have lived through?
Ancient monarchic Persia – where women enjoyed gender equality unmatched in our day and age. Persian women had the highest rank of society and were treated as goddesses – and rightly so!

8. What thing are you most proud of?
I was really proud of my abstract bust I made for GCSE Art. He was French with a large nose and long neck, creatively named Jean Pierre.

9. What’s “your song”?
‘My song’ is subject to constant change… just one of my all-time favourites is Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd.

10. What 3 words would your best mate describe you as?
Excitable, passionate, imaginative

11. If you could take one thing with you on a desert island, what would it be?
Based on futile hopes I could tune in on this island, a wind-up radio.

12. Favourite sweet or chocolate bar?
Chocolate would have to be… anything by Lindor. Pretty tasty stuff.

13. Favourite type and flavour of crisps?
This is such a mood thing… although I’m going to go with the Lightly Salted Pitta Chips from M&S – give them go! Yummy.

14. Who or what has been your biggest influence?
I wouldn’t call him my biggest influence, but I’ve always looked up to the fact my cousin James self-taught himself guitar and piano, both of which he is fantastic at and writes his own songs… I would really love to follow suit.