Introducing Tom

Meet the team

First up say hello to Tom who joins the design team.

1. What aspects of your job do you love?
Having my hobby turn into my job isn’t something everybody can say so I feel very lucky in that respect. I’ve always wanted to work somewhere where you can create great work and still have fun, and I found that with K4!

2. What have you discovered about Holland Park?
That Joe and the Juice are *finally* opening a new store up the road.

3. Have you bumped into anybody famous yet? If so, who?
In my first week I walked past interior extraordinaire Kirsty Allsopp - still star struck to this day.

4. What hobbies do you have?
Does going to the pub count as a hobby?

5. If you were a dog, what breed would you be & why?
Well according to Buzzfeed I’m “a Corgi who is so adorable it’s borderline mesmerising” and I can’t say I disagree!

6. What’s the one thing in life you would really like to do?
Play the piano *well* in St Pancras.

7. What’s your favourite building and why?
The Vatican in Rome; the journey to the top was an experience to say the least.

8. Activity, beach or cultural holiday and where?
A beach holiday if I’ve been there before, a cultural/activity one if it’s a new destination. As long as I get a good tan, I’m easy.

9. What’s your favourite shop and why?
Any shop where I get next delivery: so Asos for clothes and Amazon for everything else.

10. What’s “your song”?
Any Billie Eilish song.

11. What 3 words would your best mate describe you as?
Sarcastic, thoughtful, independent.

12.  If you could take one thing with you on a desert island, what would it be?
A volley ball.

13. Favourite sweet or chocolate bar?
I do love a Wispa!

14. Favourite type and flavour of crisps?
McCoys Chedder & Onion are a bit of me.