Lockdown with Lily

Sanity series

Being a first time parent can be a pretty daunting experience at the best of times. Doing it under lockdown with no person to person support from friends and family, takes the stress of raising this bundle of joy to a whole new level. However every cloud has a silver lining and what myself and my wife Amy thought to be the toughest few months we would face, have turned out to be best.

Lily was born on 7th February and at that time (which seems a distant memory for us all) the word Corona simply referred to a crisp and refreshing lager. The month that followed was one shared by every first time parent - surrounded by friends and family each eager to get a cuddle with our new addition and looking back it felt like there wasn’t a day where we didn’t have any visitors all offering their support and advice. Fast forward to March and the announcement of lockdown we suddenly found ourselves alone with Lily; unsure of how well we were going to cope.

Being in a position where I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home has been a blessing in more ways than one. One of my biggest worries when Lily was born was missing out on her growing up and hitting her development milestones so being able to spend 24/7 with her over the past 3 months has been both a privilege and an amazing experience that I will treasure.

It has not always been plain sailing and some days are a challenge to say the least but being at home means myself and Amy have the support of each other to get through even the worst of meltdowns not the mention the 'poonamis'. However even after a day of tears, tantrums and turds getting a cheeky grin from Lily seems to make it all worthwhile.

So from what we thought would be a stressful few months has turned out to one filled with love, laughter and Lily.