Oh Zara, what have you done!

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So – here it is Zara's new brand for 2019.

Ok so let's first look at the positive - at least Zara hasn't stripped back its heritage of its 44 year old brand too much, which seems to be a trend at the moment. You only have to see what has happened to Burberry and it's minimal logo.

Personally I really like Zara's products, but I can't see what the rationale is behind the 'Harpers Bazaar' esq new logo - its been kerned (spacing between the letters for the non-designer folk) to oblivion! The effect?
It has changed the name. Some might say when seen from a distance all you can see is 'ZABA'.  
Legibility. The type is so thin in places the type becomes invisible. Don't even try scaling it to a small usage.

We can all hope that the rumour is true and it's just a temporary refresh for the SS19 campaign, however there is an entire brand ecosystem that supports the new look, so we watch and wait and see what's next!