Party on Wayne

Sanity series

Sammy Murphy, Designer

I have always been the event planner in my group of friends. They call me the glue that sticks everyone together. Whether it’s planning drinks down the pub, hosting a pub quiz or organising a surprise party, I just love adding events to the calendar that gets people excited. However, due to these challenging times, I’ve had to improvise. But that still hasn’t stopped me. 

I’m fortunate enough to live with likeminded people, so together with my housemates, we have planned numerous events to get us through lock down. These include a pop up cinema complete with cinema tickets, trailers and popcorn and The Quarantine Ball, where we dressed up and sat down to a delicious candlelit three course meal. 

Our latest event saw us take full advantage of the recent heatwave, as we planned our very own music festival in the garden. Enter ‘Garden Rocks 2020’, an exclusive VIP festival made just for us. On the ‘main stage’, we set up a laptop and speakers and each performed a DJ set, with guest DJ’s dialing in and adding to the playlist. We live streamed the event on Instagram so all our friends and family can join in the festivities from the safety of their own homes.

Between sets we had a glam bar, offering free hair braiding and glitter makeup, a food stall serving cheese burgers and hot dogs, and, most importantly, a warm case of beers under the tree that served us as the bar.

The advantages of organising your own festival at home is there are no queues for the loo, you don’t have any clashes of your favourite artists and you don’t have to pay extortionate prices for food and drink. So treat yourself this weekend to some good music and company, and lift the spirits of those you live with. As it’s a difficult time for everyone, and we need each other more than ever.

Listen to my 'Garden Rocks' playlist here