What are the benefits of working with a small agency?

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You’re on the hunt for a new creative agency and there’s always the conundrum of who you want to pitch for the job. Admittedly there's the kudos for going with a large industry-recognised agency and with it comes the confidence that they have the knowledge, know-how and of course the big ideas. But so too can a small agency along with so many other benefits…here’s what we think; not that we’re biased or anything!

  • You get the same team working with you from pitch right through to execution
  • Smaller creative agencies have a flatter hierarchy which means everybody is hands on
  • The team are highly motivated as they see their own ideas and thoughts born out in the executed work. All their work is considered; the creative director’s ideas might not always be the right one. Everybody’s opinion matters
  • We tend to be agile and more responsive. There’s no need for a meeting about meeting. We all sit in the same office so we just have to ask each other a question to get an immediate answer
  • Expertise in our field. We can’t be everything to everyone but what we’re really good at is focusing on where our experience and knowledge lie
  • Everybody in the company knows who the clients are, what we are working on for them and can even recognise their voice at the end of the phone. How nice is that!
  • Our overheads are lower so we can pass these savings onto you. We don’t have to cover the cost of large HR, finance or business development teams. You’re paying for the core team you’re working with. If you need dev, video, or a shoot we have our partners who we work closely with and are treated as part of our team

Of course, you may think there are disadvantages; it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge them:

  • Competitors may say “who”? But who cares if you love the work and there’s something rather smug about that!
  • You might think we do not have the breadth or depth of expertise you’re looking for but at the end of day we are problem solvers. We are commercially driven and great at understanding the issues and actually we can look at your sector with a fresh pair of eyes and come up with thought-provoking and innovative solutions
  • You may doubt that we’re not big or cool enough to deliver the big idea. We would argue that that between us we’ve worked with major brands across consumer, retail, property, B2B and the tech industries

In essence if you are looking for a team who is passionate about what they do; will get under the skin of your company and deliver brilliant creative without the jargon and bravado; we are your team.

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