Why we love print

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We’ve just come out of a phenomenally busy and creative period, with the majority of our clients all needing collateral for the same deadline; Yikes! Now we’re on the other side, with a portfolio of amazing print pieces. Yes print, you’ve read that correctly.

But why print? We feel there has been a shift over the past year from online, as our clients want to make a statement and show that they mean business. It’s been a tough year for retailers and shopping and leisure destination owners alike. These clients need to set themselves apart from the competition and show their commitment to investing in their destinations and support for their leaseholders. Print can bring something real to the table; it's tactile, emotional and ultimately, in a industry that is a state of flux - reassurance.

Print tells the story in a linear fashion and, as the pages turn, the message is clear and concise. It shows a vested interest in their business; print isn’t cheap it says “we’re in it for the long haul”. 

"Print can bring something real to the table, it's tactile, emotional and ultimately, in an industry that is in a state of flux - reassurance."

As shopping centres increasingly become more of an “experience”, print allows the story to be brought to life using vibrant colour palettes, striking photography, editorially-driven copy and formats that are beyond the norm! For example we recently produced a set of beautifully boxed boxing gloves to go with a leasing brochure this year. Compared to digital, this can't be deleted easily - it's physical, emotional and tactile.

Lastly, we're not here to bash digital or experiential, infact, print is a great starting point for creating content which can then be distributed across all other marketing channels, creating a holistic and consistent brand message.

The power of print is back and personally we welcome it back with open arms!!