Highcross Leicester
'Together We Are Leicester'

The Brief: Highcross is a successful destination, but is often overshadowed by other well-known shopping centres in the Midlands. Our brief was to create a proposition that brought Highcross to life and firmly placed it in its regional competitive set.


Solution: Highcross is a great supporter of its community and the togetherness it creates for its visitors and retailers alike. We therefore created a new proposition 'Together we are Leicester' which supports this mantra, bringing Leicester to life; tapping in to its textile heritage and culturally diverse population. This allowed us to weave the story of Highcross into the heart of the city; showcasing its brands through eye-catching visuals and a "day out" local influencer story.

Our stunning print piece utilised local cultural fabrics, stitched covers and vibrant textures all of which reinforce the togetherness of Leicester.