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Promoting an inward and outward approach to building a sustainable future

Our commitment;

We are committed to;

  • creating an open working environment where all individuals’ opinions and contributions are valued

  • promoting a positive impact and protecting the environment

  • minimising our environmental impact

  • reducing our contribution to climate change

  • reaching our targets and continually improving our sustainability policy and environmental performance.


We measure our performance against four principles;

  • Wellbeing

  • Our Working Environment

  • Giving Back

  • Creating a Sustainable Future

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The wellbeing of our staff and clients is extremely important. Wellbeing can be measured in many areas including how we operate as a business, how we manage our working environment, and the clients and suppliers we work with.


K4 is established as a long standing, responsible and trustworthy brand;

  • we operate following all government employment laws and equal opportunities

  • we believe a happy and cohesive team ensures everyone is able to fulfil their potential

  • we actively promote a healthy work-life balance by offering flexible working

  • we have a unique structure to encourage open communications and trust

  • we allow time for our team to build relationships with clients, suppliers and each other

  • it is our aim to enhance staff awareness and communication

  • our footprint should be kept to a minimum by the use of virtual technology where possible

  • we trade with ethical suppliers, who are responsible

  • we do not work with organisations involved with unethical activities

  • we review suppliers CSR policies.

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Our working environment;

We operate under an effective environmental and social strategy which includes;

  • engaging with green energy suppliers

  • keeping our heating to a level ambient temperature

  • ensuring we run an energy efficient office

  • operating a ‘switch it off’ policy ensuring minimal appliance energy

  • only printing when necessary

  • recycling kitchen and paper refuse

  • recycling machinery where possible

  • recycling ink cartridges and other materials

  • using ethical and Fairtrade products where possible

  • encourage travel-cups, to eliminate single-use

  • minimise debt and financial liabilities ensuring we operate within our means

  • we pay our team well and support our staff

  • operate an open hiring policy that supports individual qualities

  • actively promoting the benefits of a socially responsible business.

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Giving back;

We believe in supporting our local businesses and the environment in which we trade;

  • we are part of our local community

  • we aim to support local Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea charities

  • we provide mentoring and aim to support graduates

  • we offer work experience opportunities for school leavers

  • we encourage visits to local exhibitions and educational talks

  • we support the small businesses around us to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Creating a sustainable future;

We believe in, and aim to;

  • encourage the whole team to be proactive and implement ideas which propel us towards a more sustainable future

  • deal with ethical organisations who treat their staff well

  • recommend and encourage ethical and sustainable solutions

  • recommend green hosting opportunities

  • review and adjust our green policy on a regular basis.

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