St Paul Quarter Birmingham logos
St Paul's Quarter
Destination, character, legacy

The Brief: St Paul’s Quarter is a unique commercial opportunity. Providing forward-thinking businesses with the chance to be part of an outstanding modern destination that is bursting with vibrancy, character and heritage. Aspley House Capital briefed us to create a simple but effective identity that can be evolved as the development progresses.

St Pauls quarter repeating logos
St Pauls quarter investor brochure

Solution: We created an identity which strikes a balance between the history and the forward looking vision of the destination.

The initial phase was to create a storytelling piece for investors where we identified the three main pilars of the development;

Destination: A place for forward-thinking businesses.
Character: A place that embodies its history. 
Legacy: A place that envisions its future.

This was then copywritten into a full presentation, tailored to multiple audiences from investors, stakeholders, retailers and occupiers.